Dear friends,

 It is my sincere pleasure as Zone Director for South East Asia & Oceania to welcome you to Singapore for the 11th Les Clefs d’Or Asian Congress.


Singapore is not only well known for the Singapore Sling, beautiful Marina Bay Sands skyline, a year-round warm climate, premium shopping destination, and a world class airline to name a few, but also (and more importantly) Singapore has quality world-class Concierges.


I have no doubt that the 11th Asian Congress will be an extraordinary event not only for the fact that, well, it’s going to be held in Singapore for a start, but also because of who is organising and hosting it. I had the opportunity to join Les Clefs d’Or Singapore in Siem Reap to celebrate their 31st Anniversary and 29th AGM, and can vouch that these guys and girls really know how to put on a show, so I look forward to seeing what Syed Musaddiq and his team have in store.

Les Clefs d’Or roots in Singapore date back to 1980, and it is a credit to these early pioneers that Singapore was accepted as a Section of Les Clefs d’Or in 1986. The passion and interest that was created in the Concierge profession by Jerry Soh and the Founding Committee still continue to this day with Concierge in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia now having affiliated links to Les Clefs d’Or Singapore. Gregory Tan, Sam Osman and now Syed Musaddiq continue to build on the foundations that have been laid by the early pioneers.


With Asia now consisting of 2 Les Clefs d’Or Zones and more countries than ever before, this 11th Asian Congress has the opportunity to also welcome Concierge from UAE, Qatar, Australia and New Zealand to join us in what has now become a Pan-Asian Congress.


I wish to thank the efforts of the organising committee for their time and commitment that goes into hosting an event such as this. Special thanks and mention should also go to the valued sponsors and suppliers who without their continued support, this event would not be possible.


I look forward to seeing you in Singapore for the 11th Asian Congress from the 18th to the 22nd of August 2019, make sure you don’t miss it - it’s going to be SHIOK!


In service through friendship,

 Shaun Ryan

South East Asia & Oceania Zone Director